The WIN Way!

The WIN Way is based on doing “100 different things … 1% better;” no one thing makes us or breaks us, but for all things that impact the customer’s service experience we have defined and implemented a WIN Way to do them.

ALL of our WIN Home Inspectors will be on-time and arrive in a vehicle with the same professionally identified WIN brand graphics, wearing the same professional WIN attire (use of booties to help keep the customer’s home clean where/when required). WIN Home Inspectors are licensed and insured and take the same professional approach to the conduct of the inspection, using WINspect™ - WIN’s proprietary inspection software to deliver the same high quality home inspection report product -the report is deliverable in 3 formats:

  • A professional hard copy WIN Home Inspection report binder
  • An email PDF version of the report
  • A client password protected Web cloud e-report

At WIN, we “listen” our goal is to provide the highest level of personalized service while providing the best home inspection in today’s market – the WIN WAY - we value your input and are committed to providing great service experiences and building long-lasting relationships that’s why we use customer service surveys for both home buyers/sellers as well as Real Estate professionals.

WIN Founders and Operating System developers have retained ownership and are engaged in the business. We are privately held and wonderfully enabled to work with our Strategic-Partners in a manner where common sense is common practice.

“Our business was founded on the concept of Strategic-Partnership. We have avoided growth through company stores as well as through traditional franchising. The essence of the WIN Way lies in the Strategic-Partnership we enjoy with our WIN franchisees, where we align our energies to serve our customers in a true “WIN-WIN” manner. Reflective of our commitment to the success of our Strategic-Partners can be found in the creation of our territories, as we shape them based on the industry proven control points for inspection opportunities; we understand the industry we serve, are aligned with its needs, and manage our business on fact based market metrics.”

Steve Wadlington – WIN President


At WIN Home Inspection, we understand where we fit in, and we serve accordingly. We are blessed to provide a service that assists home buyers, sellers, and owners with what is typically their largest transaction, and among their most meaningful possessions – their home. We provide our customers with vital “need-to-know” information in a timely, professional and easy to understand fashion. We convey actionable information in a balanced context that ensures clarity and common understanding. We value the opportunity to serve in the stream of service providers within a real estate transaction, and promptly and accurately perform our role with a sense of respect and appreciation – The WIN Way.